Ihmiset – Asianajotoimisto Liuksiala & Co
Ihmiset – Asianajotoimisto Liuksiala & Co

Expertise and motivation

Our entire staff have extensive experience in law and special expertise in issues relating to their respective strength areas. If you require particularly comprehensive legal service, we have at our disposal an active network of experts specialising in a variety of areas in Finland and abroad.

Our lawyers are committed to their work and maintain their professional competence by continuously participating in training events and actively communicating with various stakeholders.

Aaro Liuksiala

of Councel, LL.M. with court training, B.Sc. (Econ.)

Aaro Liuksiala – Asianajotoimisto Liuksiala & Co

Pia Stoor

Attorney, LL.M. with court training, Partner

Pia Stoor – Asianajotoimisto Liuksiala & Co

Aleksi Välikangas

Master of Laws, LL.M.

Aleksi Välikangas – Asianajotoimisto Liuksiala & Co

Tarja Launiainen

Legal assistant, business administration

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