Construction industry legal services

Our firm has solid experience in construction law, environmental law, planning, real estate formation and in various types of other contracts relating to real estate. Our clients include developers, contractors, architects, real estate owners and investors as well as other residential and commercial property owners.

Problems relating to construction and environmental law frequently concern construction works and design contracts, planning or land use and project agreements. Primarily, we strive to reach the best possible outcome for our client through negotiation. The lawyers at our firm have extensive experience in litigation as well as in drafting various appeals and in drafting construction works, project, planning, etc. contracts and in their functioning in practical situations.

We are networked with the best technical experts within the industry, who also provide assistance to our clients in various settlement assignments and in litigation.

Housing company matters

We assist our clients in house and real estate transactions. We draw up deeds of sale and handle civil cases. Problems relating to the condition of a building or to housing company share transactions require special expertise from the lawyer involved and an understanding of which technical experts should be used in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Our extensive experience and broad network of specialists ensure that the best technical experts in each specialised area are available to our clients.

Disputes often involve home and real estate liability issues, such as the responsibilities of the seller, the buyer, the real estate agent or the condition inspector.

Chairing annual general meetings of housing companies or acting as legal advisor to a company or to its shareholders are among our services.

Company law and mergers and acquisitions

Company law is an area in which we hold particular expertise. Corporate and business transaction law and related tax planning entail co-operation between client and lawyer with a view to finding an optimal solution appropriate for the client’s needs. We draft documents relating to corporate acquisitions, mergers and demergers and we also advise both Finnish and foreign clients in issues pertaining to their business arrangements.

Family and inheritance law

We handle divorce matters and draw up prenuptial agreements and arrangements on division of assets.

The death of a close relative always involves a wide range of legal issues, and it is prudent to prepare for these in advance. Inheritance and tax planning should be carried out in good time to ensure that after death matters are arranged in a controlled manner in accordance with the client’s wishes, taking into the account the financial security of the survivors and possibilities to save in taxes associated with the transfer of assets. Planning relating to inheritance and generational change should be kept up to date, as life situations and legal provisions change. Our experienced lawyers will take care of your inheritance affairs reliably, utilising potential tax planning opportunities.

Settlement of disputes, litigation and arbitration proceedings

We participate in settling disputes both as advocates and arbitrators and as members and chairmen of arbitration tribunals. Our primary aim is to prevent disputes through well-drafted contracts and by acting as advisers in contract negotiations. If matters cannot be settled without litigation, we handle them in general courts and in arbitration tribunals as well as through administrative procedure in the best manner possible for the client while taking into account the need to ensure that costs remain at a reasonable and moderate level.